Quality Commercial & Residential Car Charger Installation Services in Hockessin, DE

You’re about to head out on an important errand, and your electric vehicle’s battery is running low. Panic sets in as you scramble to find a charging station, and you realize how inconvenient it can be. That’s where Liam Services steps in, offering top-notch Commercial & Residential Car Charger Installation Services in Hockessin, DE. Let’s explore the world of hassle-free electric vehicle charging and how we can make your life easier.

Call now for professional car charger installations for your commercial or residential needs in Hockessin, Delaware.

Problem Car Charger Installation Services Can Help Solve

As the world transitions towards eco-friendly electric vehicles, the need for accessible and efficient charging solutions has never been greater. Many Hockessin residents face the challenge of finding reliable charging stations, especially in residential areas. The inconvenience of searching for a charging point, coupled with the limited range of electric vehicles, can leave you feeling stranded.

Imagine being able to charge your electric vehicle right in the comfort of your home, just like charging your smartphone overnight. That’s precisely what our car charger installation services can do for you. By having a dedicated charging station installed at your residence or business, you can ensure your electric vehicle is always ready to hit the road, saving you time and providing peace of mind.

About Our Company

At Liam Services, we’re more than just car charger installation experts; we’re your neighbors in Hockessin, DE, committed to a greener future and sustainable transportation. With years of experience in the field, we’ve become the go-to experts for car charger installations in the area.

Our team of highly trained technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch service. We understand the importance of reliable and safe charging solutions and are committed to exceeding your expectations.

The Step-by-Step Process of Our Service

When you choose Liam Services for car charger installation, you’re choosing convenience and reliability. Here’s a glimpse into our service process:

  • Consultation: Our experts will assess your needs and determine the best location for your car charger.
  • Installation: We’ll install the charging station, ensuring it complies with all safety regulations and operates efficiently.
  • Testing: We thoroughly test the charger to ensure it’s functioning correctly and safely.
  • Instruction: We’ll provide you with a detailed overview of how to use your new charger, answering any questions you may have.
  • Ongoing Support: Liam Services is here to assist you with any maintenance or troubleshooting needs that may arise.

Why Trust Our Car Charger Installation Experts

You might be wondering why Liam Services is your best choice for car charger installation in Hockessin, DE. Here’s why:

  • Local Expertise: We understand the unique needs and regulations in Hockessin, ensuring your installation is compliant and efficient.
  • Quality Assurance: We use top-quality charging equipment, guaranteeing reliability and longevity.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your charging station meets your needs.
  • Safety First: We prioritize safety in all our installations, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Proven Experience: Our track record of successful installations speaks for itself.

The Benefits of Trusting Us

By choosing Liam Services for car charger installation, you’re investing in a more convenient and eco-friendly future. Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Convenience: Charge your electric vehicle at home or at your business, eliminating the need for frequent trips to public charging stations.
  • Time Savings: No more waiting in line or searching for available charging points; your charger is ready whenever you are.
  • Cost Savings: Charging at home is often more cost-effective than public charging stations.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint by opting for electric vehicles and home charging solutions.
  • Increased Property Value: Installing a charger can boost your property’s resale value and appeal to potential buyers.

When it comes to convenient and reliable car charger installations in Hockessin, DE, Liam Services is your trusted partner. Our Commercial & Residential Car Charger Installation Services are designed to make electric vehicle ownership more accessible and hassle-free. Don’t let the inconvenience of charging stations hold you back.

Contact us today, and let us help you power up your ride in the most convenient way possible.

FAQs on Commercial & Residential Car Charger Installations:

In many cases, you can purchase an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger and install it yourself, but there are important factors to consider before undertaking a DIY installation:

  • Electrical Knowledge: You should have a good understanding of electrical systems and wiring. If you’re not experienced, hiring a licensed electrician is safer.
  • Permits and Codes: Electrical work often requires permits and adherence to local building and electrical codes. An electrician can navigate this process for you.
  • Circuit Load: Ensure your existing electrical panel and circuit can support the charger’s power requirements. Upgrading the panel may be necessary.
  • Safety: Incorrectly installed EV chargers can be dangerous. Professional electricians have the expertise to ensure safety.
  • Warranty: Some EV charger manufacturers require professional installation to maintain the warranty.
  • Utility Company Requirements: Depending on your location, the utility company may have specific installation guidelines or incentives for professional installations.

While a DIY installation can save money, safety should always be the top priority. It’s recommended that you consult with a licensed electrician to assess your electrical system, ensure code compliance, and carry out the installation if necessary to ensure a safe and reliable EV charging setup.

Installing a Level 2 charger at home for your electric vehicle (EV) can be a highly worthwhile investment, depending on your specific circumstances. Here are some reasons why it’s often a good choice:

  • Faster Charging: Level 2 chargers provide significantly faster charging compared to standard Level 1 chargers that come with most EVs. This means you can fully charge your EV much more quickly, making it more convenient for daily use.
  • Convenience: With a Level 2 charger at home, you don’t need to rely on public charging stations, which can be less convenient, crowded, or unavailable.
  • Cost-Effective: Over time, charging at home with a Level 2 charger can be more cost-effective than using public charging stations, especially if you’re on a time-of-use electricity rate.
  • Vehicle Range: Faster charging at home ensures your EV is ready for longer trips without the need for frequent charging stops.
  • Increased Home Value: Installing a Level 2 charger can enhance your home’s resale value, as more potential buyers are considering EVs.

It’s essential to consider the initial installation cost, which includes the charger itself and any necessary electrical upgrades. Consult with a licensed electrician to assess your electrical system’s capacity and determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of installing a Level 2 charger in your home.

The cost of installing a charging port for an electric car, often referred to as an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) or Level 2 charger, can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Charger Type: The price of the charger itself varies depending on the brand, model, and features. Basic Level 2 chargers can start at around $300, while more advanced and networked chargers can exceed $1,000.
  • Installation: The installation cost depends on factors like your electrical panel’s capacity, the distance between the panel and the charger location, and the complexity of the installation. Costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • Permits and Inspection: Some areas require permits and inspections for charger installations, adding to the overall cost.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade: If your electrical panel doesn’t have sufficient capacity, it may need an upgrade, which can significantly increase the cost.
  • Additional Features: If you opt for features like Wi-Fi connectivity or smart charging capabilities, it can add to the overall expense.

On average, a complete installation, including the charger and electrical work, can range from $500 to $2,000 or more. It’s essential to consult with a licensed electrician who can assess your specific electrical setup and provide an accurate cost estimate tailored to your needs.

Determining the size of the breaker you need for an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger depends on several factors, including the charger’s amperage rating and your home’s electrical capacity. Here’s a general guideline:

  • Charger Amperage: Check the amperage rating of your EV charger. Level 2 chargers typically come in 16-amp, 30-amp, or 40-amp versions, although higher amperage options are available.
  • Circuit Sizing: To determine the breaker size, you generally want to match it to the charger’s amperage rating. For example, a 30-amp charger should be connected to a 30-amp breaker. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as well.
  • Wire Gauge: Ensure that the wire size (gauge) matches the breaker and charger requirements. For a 30-amp circuit, you’d typically use 10-gauge wire.
  • Electrical Panel: Confirm that your electrical panel has the capacity for the new circuit. If not, you may need to upgrade the panel or redistribute loads.
  • Local Codes: Always adhere to local electrical codes and regulations, as they may specify certain requirements for EV charger installations.

Consulting with a licensed electrician is crucial for a safe and compliant installation. They can assess your electrical system, recommend the appropriate breaker size, and ensure the installation meets all safety and code requirements.



    Tim from LIAM services really is the epitome of the type of professional you would want to come and service your hvac needs. I have used another company in the past and decided to do some more research before I decided on LIAM. I am so glad that I did and highly recommend them for anyone’s service needs. Tim was professional, knowledgeable, and above all friendly and there was no feeling of being misled or deceived which is truly admirable when it comes to trusting a company with good individuals like Tim representing them. Will definitely use them for all future home service needs.
    Our unit went on the hottest week in August. Liam's was recommended to us through friends. We called and that day two different people were sent out to figure out what was wrong. We figured out that our unit needed to be replaced. At that point Liam's brought us window units that night until they could get us on their schedule. It only took 7 days for them to send out a great crew to replace the system. They were very professional and walk me though our new system and how everything works. Thank you for all of your help and we look forward to working with this company in the future.
    Highly recommend Liam Services! Their customer service is second to none! From the phone greeting, all the way to the technician on the day of service, was outstanding! Tim N. was on time, professional, and took the time to explain everything. Liam Services, you have a customer for life!Update: Had my annual service completed by Justin and AGAIN, had top notch service all around! Simply the best!
    Hired a handyman to install a ceiling fan. He ended up blowing the light and refrigerator outlets. I called LIAM Services on Monday and Brian showed up ON TIME, on Tuesday. Brian is professional, knowledgeable and super nice. He had everything running smoothly in 10 minutes!! Needless to say, I’ve booked Brian to repair all of our electrical issues and will be setting up for HVAC consultation. Call LIAM Services if you want it done right!!
    Brian did a top notch job installing our EV charger and dedicated outdoor generator outlet to run the house from my generator in case of an electrical service interruption. Timely and neat!
    The expert, Andrew came earlier than expected and was very friendly. He kept it real with us and what our situation was, as well as was patient with my grandmother who had many questions and concerns. He went above and beyond which was greatly appreciated! Would definitely recommend and call again in future if we run into any more issues.
    I have now worked with LIAM services twice. Once for duct cleaning and second AC repairs, Both times i have worked with Tim and he makes it easier to work with. Always brings along positing energy that cannot be denied. Tim's knowledge of the job and his equipment gives you confidence that he knows what he is doing. He takes time to explain and educate on what is going on which gives me confidence in his work. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of HVAC services
    Tim is always there when we needed him. He responds right away and does great work. Explains everything, gives options and suggestions without being pushy like many other services. Definitely recommend,
    Tim was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything that needed to be done to get the airflow we needed in our home 10/10 will recommend.
    Superb customer service
    LIAM Services is the best example of excellent customer service & professionalism. The lady who answers the phone was very professional & communicated very well. My electrician Loy was very informative, friendly & made sure the job was done right. Loy explained to me what the problem was & made sure it was corrected. Loy was the best ! The entire service from start to finish was phenomenal. I will not hesitate to call LIAM services for any HVAC & Electrical needs they are awesome !
    Carson Simpson is the most professional amazing person what a blessing he is to Liam Services they are fantastic!
    Got a charger installed by Justin. He arrived on time and finished up early. Very professional and worth the time! Would recommend
    Wonderful service, very professional and great experience working with Liam Services. Carson was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me so that I could understand what was going on. I would highly recommend Liam Services and ask for Carson, you won't get a better technician.
    I highly recommend Kemmar. He is a very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I will be a returning customer.Thank you LIAM Services.
    Carson called and asked if he could start early! Yes!! That eliminated stress. He was very understanding about my dog. Explained the services very well. Work was done the same day. He offer to grab me something when he took his lunch break. My AC outside unit has been relocated and is running beautifully thanks to Carson. I will definitely request him for any future jobs that require his expertise. Wish there were more than 5 stars to be given.
    I would like to commend Justin and his apprentice,Trent, for a perfectly executed removal of an old light fixture and the installation of a new one in its place. They arrived early and were done before the time they had scheduled to arrive, giving us our day back.Neat, clean, no mess or misunderstandings.⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️I would give them more than just 5.
    Justin and Trent were professional and really nice. My dog wasn't sure about having 2 men in the house and they were so kind to him and really tried to put him at ease. The work was done quickly and everything works great. The cost was reasonable too. I would definitely use them again!
    Had Justin and Trent replace a dimmer switch at my home They arrived at the exact time they had promised. Knew exactly how to resolved our problem, fixed it without any issues and at an affordable price.Both men showed the professionalism and their knowledge!I am glad I choose LIam sevices!!Jack
    Kemmar did an amazing job and ensured our problem with our a/c system was fixed in a prompt and timely fashion. Thoroughly pleased with the service provided, and we plan to use your company should any heating and cooling issues arise in the future.
    Justin came well after normal working hours to replace a defective hot water heater breaker. He was prompt, professional and very responsive to our issue. He provided excellent service at a very reasonable price. Very satisfied with Justin and Liam Electrical Services.
    Carson and Doug offered exemplary services in getting my AC fixed same day. Carson worked long and hard. Calling multiple shops for parts. He got me set up fast without issues. Doug, informed me of the membership plan and explained it very thoroughly. Highly recommend these gentlemen for all of your AC/Heating needs.
    This was my first experience with Liam Services. I give Carson an A+. He was so very thorough, professional and polite. He explained everything in detail along with photos which made it easier to see first hand and to understand. I will request Carson in the future and will recommend Liam services to my neighbors.
    Justin went above and beyond for my electrical needs! If I have any work that needs to be done in the future I will be asking for him again!
    Carson came to our home today and got the air conditioning working again! He was knowledgeable and courteous and did an excellent job quickly! I'm thankful for the great job he did and would recommend LIAM to others!
    I am so glad that I found LIAM Services.This company is Professional, Informative, On-time and one that I will Definitely recommend to Family and Friends.The three Professionals that I interacted with Andrew, Doug and Justin were Top Notch ☆☆☆☆☆
    Justin and Trent were great! Professional, knowledgeable and helped come up with a solution to get our issues taken care of. Even called me to let me know they could get to my store a little earlier than expected. Would recommend to a friend for sure!
    Carson was awesome! Got our AC back and running in no time! He was courteous and professional and knew what the problem was right away! Thank you!!!
    Carson was a God send! It has been a rough week and the AC was one more thing that went wrong.. Carson was professional, timely, informative and trustworthy!! Highly recommend him and Liam Services!!
    Carson was professional, thorough and the most knowledgeable HVAC technician we’ve ever worked with. We highly recommend Liam Services!
    Carson came out to do our maintenance and install indoor air quality products. He is very professional and friendly and i would recommend him and Liam Services to everyone!
    Carson was very prompt, polite, informative and professional. I loved that he explained recommended service without pushing me to purchase. I would highly recommend Liam service to a friend
    Had Bert and Ernie come out (Brandon hudson). They were great. So to explain more. I called another company to come do work. I have family moving into an auxiliary unit I have. My mom is bed ridden right now. So the room had issues with outlets and a broken ceiling fan. I called one company. They made 2 appts with me and blew me off twice. So I called Liam and originally wasn't able to get someone out but I explained my issue and timing and this is needed to do before my mom moves here. They were AMAZING. Called me back and got guys out to my house same day. I now am going to be lifelong customers of theirs cause they did this. Signed up for the service plan as well. Good companies that respond are very valuable and this one proved it to me today. Thank you
    Carson was here did a great job.
    Carson arrived on time and did great work
    Tim Newcomb just performed annual maintenance of our HVAC. First year using Liam. Very thorough. Previous companies was cursory inspection. Tim checked, cleaned and improved system performance.
    Justin came out on an emergency call to my home after some serious storm damage pulled my power line right off the house. After Delmarva had handled their end, Justin gave me a quote on the spot for the repair work. He was timely to my house, professional and personable. Highly recommend using this company for your electric needs.
    I’m so grateful for Carson. He was able to help us out even when I couldn’t be there. He was very professional to my wife and friendly to my children. He explained the differences in systems very clearly and helped us make a good decision. He was also patient with us as we had to make some of these decisions in between work responsibilities. Very grateful for his thoroughness!
    Carson was our tech today. He was incredibly helpful in figuring out what was wrong with our system and helping us figure out a short term solution while we decide on what new system to choose. He did a great job of explaining all of our options and why certain systems are better for our home than other systems. Also was very polite and friendly to our kids and our dogs. Happy to have him in our home again!
    Tim was very helpful and very educational on things I didn't know thanks Tim
    Justin and Trent came out and fixed several long standing electrical issues around the house. They were professional and came well equipped to solve multiple problematic outlets and electrical issues. Will use Liam services again. Very simple, effective, and reliable company in my experience.
    My electrician for life now!! U rock justin!!
    Loy and Tim were absolutely fantastic. They came in for an estimate and addressed all our concerns on the spot with detailed information. We used another electric company before that had such difficulty with our hallway lights and completely removed a switch. After such great customer service and workmanship on the original outlet issue we called for, we decided to move forward with replacing the hallway lights. Thankfully they had room on the schedule and were able to get the new recessed hallway lights completed and switch that was removed back in place with any issues. This is my 2nd time using LIAM and both experiences have exceeded expectations. You will not find many service companies with a 5 star rating and this many reviews. I was actually surprised, but they live up to it!
    I had Carson out today to look at my schedule. He was very polite and professional. I would recommend him and Liam Services.
    Justin Montgomery did electrical work for us and we are very pleased with his work. Would have him back again if needed. Thank you.
    Justin Montgomery did a very professional installation of a four prong outlet for our stove. He was pleasant, professional and proficient in getting the job done. He was on time and timely in getting the job done.Harold & Shirley Hall
    Tim arrived on time and was very knowledgeable. He figured out the issue and quickly fixed it. I bought an annual service agreement.
    This company is Top Notch, and Tim... nothing short of Amazing. He has the knowledge and the personality that inspires Customer Loyalty!! Well done!!
    I am new to the Middletown area and hired Liam Services to install a new electrical panel, dehumidifier and add extra circuits. I needed to air condition my third floor. I couldn’t be happier! On their initial visit, Jayson explained my options clearly. He was straightforward about the job and offered multiple options. Justin, the electrician, was very professional, prompt and courteous. The work he did was excellent! I would HIGHLY recommend this company!!!
    Excellent experience with Liam Services! Carson patiently listened to my concerns and skillfully examined my current HVAC system. Based on his recommendations, Liam Services returned to complete an air duct cleaning. Carson and Kemmar did a professional and thorough job. Carson also installed an air purification system for assurance that only clean air is coming through. Both Carson and Kemmar were kind and professional!
    I wanted to thank Justin and his son for fixing my electrical issue. They were very professional and knowledgeable of the task at hand.
    My experience with this company is positive from the Jenna answering the phone in a professional warm manner to the service tech coming to your home. I love the way they keep you posted with the arrival by texting and emailing you. They give a bio about the tech along with a picture, so when they arrive you feel like you know them. I had service dealings with Brandon, Tim, and Andrew and not only they were extremely efficient in what they do, but they were all so profession and friendly. I will definitely recommend this company. I used them for electrical and HVAC services.
    LIAM Services has helped me with several projects, most recently a new hybrid water heater. I was very happy with the install and the technicians were really informative about the equipment and the work being done. I also appreciate their help getting me connected with Energize Delaware to help understand the different opportunities for projects!
    Tim is awesome 👌 and came out on a Saturday.
    Carson was super helpful, answered all my questions, was right on time, and solved our issue with our AC unit and replaced the right part the first time with no pressure for unneeded upcharges. I would absolutely use Liam services again!
    Very good experience. Tim showed great professionalism and courtesy while spending time servicing our units. Would recommend!
    I was having a problem replacing a bathroom exhaust/light. I had it halfway done and ran into some difficulty. I called LIAM SERVICES and they had Justin come out within a couple of hours-which was great because I had a bunch of stuff just hanging from the ceiling on a Friday afternoon! Justin was great. He was friendly, and explained my options. I made a decision and Justin came out the next week and took care of the my exhaust. I would highly recommend LIAM SERVICES.
    I just want to say that Tim was amazing he was kind and so helpful put my mind at ease he took special care the best thing I ever done was make that call thanks Tim you are a rock star
    Tim & Kemmar were so wonderful! They were very thorough, and an exceptional job. Both were professional and a lot of fun. The work was above and beyond what I had hoped for and they finished ahead of time. I highly recommend Liam Services! Ask for Tim & Kemmar!
    Carson was my technician and quickly diagnosed and fixed my problem. He was courteous and professional. I couldn’t ask for better service!
    On time, fast professional service! Tim came out and looked things over and then about a week later. Tim returned with Kemar, and installed my new water heater in about 2 hours. They were fast, friendly professional. Everything was left in a clean state. Couldn't ask for more.if you like my review, click on the little thumb below.
    I whole heartedly recommend Liam Services. Their prices are competitive, the quality of the work was impeccable. Loy and his co-worker did the complex work of running underground wires to install a charging station located in the opposite side of my house. Needless to say that did excellent work and that I'm very happy with the result.
    Thank you Carson for your courtesy and expertise with installing my new thermostat. Big thanks for your easy tutorial on how to use the Honeywell T1 Pro!
    I had an emergency situation with rain water entering my electrical box. I contracted with Liam Services for an inspection and estimate, and the technician, Justin Montgomery, diagnosed and recommended a service upgrade of my exterior service line due to weathering and deterioration. Justin performed the work in a very satisfactory manner and he was very professional from a customer relations standpoint. I am very pleased with the service rendered and would definitely recommend their services. The office staff was also very responsive and professional.
    I have found this business and their personnel to be honest and knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend them for Lennox HVAC services.
    Justin was the electrician who came out to my place when I was having an issue. He was timely and did very quick work. Was able to solve the issue and have it fixed in no time. Very professional!
    Tim did an awesome job professional quick and funny.
    Justin and his son Trent arrived quickly and fixed an issue with our daughter’s fan/ lights. They were very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Would definitely use their services again!
    I had an electrical emergency and Justin was dispatched out to me. He was on time, he was very professional, knew what the situation was right away and he was very knowledgeable. You got the email of an estimate right then and there. I would definitely recommend Justin and what I need service I will make sure I request him.
    “BIG” Tim Newcomb is your go to guy to request for HVAC servicing! He’s got more than a decade of technical experience and is a “no bones about it” professional!
    Tim was great came over a hour away and he was awesome
    Justin was amazing, we’ll definitely be using Liam services again and will be requesting for Justin to do phase 2 on our home.
    Justin, the electrician, did a very professional job, well prepared and good quality, upgrading and replacing an electrical transformer.
    Had my ap0t with Tim. He’s the man! Tops in my book.
    Awesome service all the timeAll employees super clean appearance.Very knowledgeable.Customer friendlyAlways on timeOpen communicationExcellent job performance
    Couldn't be happier with experience with LIAM Services! Called on a Wednesday, they came out and fixed our issue on Thursday in just a couple of hours. Very professional, Brandon did a great job. Highly recommend
    6/15/2023 update: Carson and Kemal out today for my Spring service to my air conditioner! I am completely satisfied and happy with these gentleman! So courteous and professional! Thank you!Fabulous service and completely happy and satisfied with all who helped me this week from Mark who answered my call to Daniel who came out the same day when my central air failed in 90 degree weather! Daniel got me running again same day and helped with completing reasonable finance options with installation of new Ac unit and furnace! Knocked it out quickly today within 48 hrs of my phone call! My team included Daniel, Derrick, Cameron and Cooper and I loved them all! Professional, courteous, and timely! Would call them again and recommend them highly! Explained everything thoroughly and so friendly! Kept me updated on arrival times etc, AWESOME experience!
    Appointment today with Tim, great guy, very kind and great work, never disappointed
    It's was a pleasure working with Tim. Would definitely recommend!
    Brandon and Timmy are the two awesomest Brothers I ever seen in doing the work very work sufficient thank you very much very pleased Miss Gordon okay
    Tim Newcomb was on-time. He was professional and knew his stuff. He took the time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. We have just bought this house and had no idea when anything had been serviced last. Tim said from the looks of things it had been about 4 years. He cleaned the A/C, charged it, changed out a non-working part, and made our A/C system run like new again. I signed a service contract on the spot with the stipulation that no one but Tim come take care of us!
    Tim was the absolute best! He was knowledgeable, pleasant and quickly provided thorough maintenance and repair on our air conditioning unit.Thanks so much for top-notch service. Highly recommend!
    Justin was great! Prompt, friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Justin and LIAM.
    Liam Services scheduled my dryer vent cleaning within two days. It was a pleasure to speak with someone rather than leave a voicemail. They immediately sent me a text reminder. On the scheduled day, Tim Newcomb called ahead to let me know he was on the way. Tim explained everything he was going to do. He also asked about AC inspections. We set up an appointment for the dryer and also the AC cleaning. Tim is very knowledgeable, professional, and explains everything before he starts. I am so pleased with the service, that I intend to continue using Liam for other services in my home that I have been putting off. It is great to have a reliable service company you can call.
    Tim is very professional and courteous. He is great to work with. He installed an electrostatic air filter and drain sensor for us. Thanks.
    Tim is the best. We connected in many personal ways. Would recommend to anyone.
    Our AC went out just when the week was getting hottest, and their technician Carson got us back up to speed before I could break a sweat. Excellent service, speedy and reliable, can’t recommend enough.
    A+ service deserves an A+ review. Carson saved my weekend by getting this AC unit fixed for the family. I was so amazed by his work that I had to share the before and after pictures. Not to mention I have a happy wife at home when she is cool which makes my life much happier.
    I had a great experience with Liam Services. My AC went down on a Friday evening and I was able to make an appointment right away and very easily. Their technician Carson showed up right on time, was very friendly and knowledgeable and knew exactly what to look for and fixed my system very quickly. They are also very military friendly! Would highly recommend Liam Services and I will certainly be using them again in the future.
    We had an excellent experience with Tim Newcomb. We got same day service, he arrived in the window of time that they said he would, he was able to make the repair quickly, and he was pleasant and professional.
    Tim Newcomb was Awesome, on time and very informative. Will use Liam Services again, Thanks Tim!
    We called Liam when our AC wasn't blowing cold. They sent out a true professional named Carson who diagnosed our problem in no time. Carson went above and beyond! I will definitely be using their services in the future.
    Justin was excellent! He was professional and informative. He went above and beyond in diagnosing the electrical issues I was having, explained everything that had been done, even corrected minor issues from previous work done, and provided fair and transparent pricing on the quote. If I have any need for electrical services in the future I hope they send Justin!
    Justin, Bryan and Tim all came and looked at our situation and got it all sorted out for us. Was a great and professional job and 100% recommend this company
    We had Loy out to inspect our electrical system. He was able to troubleshoot an issue I was having with an overhead fixture and replace a damaged outlet. He was very friendly and knowledgeable.We also had Carson out to do our annual A/C inspection. He was also very friendly and knowledgeable. He made some recommendations to help keep our a/c unit in tiptop shape. He did not try to push us into any of his recommendations.I also want to say that the woman who makes the appointments is also very pleasant to work with.I would highly recommend Liam Services for any HVAC and electrical work. We have had wonderful experiences with all the employees we have come in contact with.
    Justin did a GREAT job!! So polite and professional!! Talked me over the whole process I was having done! Highly recommend him and this company !
    LIAM services should write a manual on how to run business in general. Not Just HVAC any business! The professionalism they exhibit should be the standard across all businesses. From the owner on down they check all the boxes. Whether its Carson or Tim you wont be disappointed. LIAM has done new installs, regular maintenance, and yearly maintenance for my family and leave me speechless each and every time. All of their technicians are well versed in their trade and depict a level of experience and knowledge that its as if they make them or clone them lol. I highly recommend LIAM services they by far through my 29 years in business as an owner and consumer set the bar. Thank you guys for being excellent with each and every visit. I recommend everyone dont think twice about giving LIAM your business.
    This company is the greatest, amazing customer service reasonable prices. Ask for Tim he’s the greatest.
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