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What You Will Receive With LIAM Services

At LIAM Services, we are proud to offer plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services in Wilmington, DE and the surrounding areas. We have expertise in everything from heaters to air purification and landscape lighting to generators. It doesn’t matter what you need to have done in your home because we have skilled professionals on staff who can handle it.

Total Home Care Club Member Benefits

Free Consultation 

Priority Scheduling

10% Membership Rate Discount

Club Card

High-Performance Checkups

24/7 Great Service Discount

Never Pay a Premium Fee for Emergency services

Fast, Free Financing

Live Technical Assistance

No Service Fee

Loyalty Credit Dollars

You earn $50 in loyalty credits for each consecutive year you are a member

$4161 In Money-Saving Coupons

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Protect Your Investment With Home Care Checkups (Click Below)

Cooling and Heat Pump System

  • Check Condenser Coil
  • Check Evaporator Coil
  • Check Blower Motor
  • Check Refrigerant Charge
  • Lubricate Motor, Bearings and Fans (if applicable)
  • Check and Tighten all Electrical Connections
  • Check Temperature and Pressures
  • Check Thermostat for Proper Operation
  • Check and Labeling of Emergency Shutoffs
  • Check Controls and Safety Devices
  • Check Capacitors
  • Check Condensate Drain
  • Check Relays and Contactors for Proper Operation
  • Check Ductwork for Leaks
  • Check Proper Amperage and Voltage of A/C System
  • Start and Test Operation and Cycle of Unit
  • Check Air Flow
  • Check Humidifier/Dehumidifier

By keeping your central A/C system in top working order with annual maintenance, you can cut your monthly energy costs by about 25% and reduce breakdowns by as much as 95%!

Plumbing & Drain Clearing Systems

  • Check Water Pressure
  • Test Drinking Water
  • Check Washing Machine Hoses
  • Check all Faucets for Leaks to Ensure Proper Operation
  • Dye Test Toilet to Check for Leaks to Ensure Proper Operation
  • Check all Drains for Proper Flow
  • Provide BioOne Treatment to all Drains and Toilets
  • Check Garbage Disposal for Proper Operation
  • Check all Emergency Shutoff Valves for Proper Operation
  • Label al Shutoffs at Locations
  • Check all Under Sink Traps and Shutoffs
  • Check Main Water Meter
  • Check all Outside Spigots
  • Water Heater Check off
    • Gas or Electric
    • Shutoff Valve
    • Flue Piping
    • Draft
    • Safety Valve
    • Wiring
    • Gas Shutoff
    • Thermostats on 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Did you know that one leaking toilet and a dripping faucet can waste over 50,370 gallons of water a year? 

Electric Systems

  • Tune Up Main Panel
  • Check all Wiring in Main Panel for Proper Sizing
  • Check Breakers for Proper Operation
  • Check all Aluminum Wiring in Service Panel for Oxidation and Apply Deoxidation Compound as Needed
  • Check Outside Meter and Enclosure
  • Check Outside Main Feeders
  • Check Ground Fault Protection for Proper Operation
  • Check Surge Protectors
  • Check Attic Fans for Proper Operation
  • Check all Accessible Lights, Switches, Dimmers, Receptacles, and Ceiling Fans
  • Check all Connections to Major Appliances
  •  Check all Main Service Grounding and Tighten as Needed
  • Check and Exposed Wiring in Attic, Basement and Garages
  • Check any Outside and Inside Disconnects
  • Check Grounding and Connections

Electrical fires cause approximately $1.6 billion in property damage each year. Old wiring, overloaded circuits, and worn outlets are the main culprits that can cause electrical shocks and fires. 

Heating and Boiler System

  • Check all the Burners for Proper Operation
  • Check Thermocouple for Proper Operation
  • Check the Heat Exchanger Surface
  • Check the Flue Pipe
  • Lubricate Pumps, Bearings, and Fans (if applicable)
  • Check the Inductor and Blower Motors
  • Check and Tighten all Electrical Connections
  • Check the Safety Switch and Controls
  • Check the Pilot Assembly
  • Check Temperature and Pressures
  •  Check Thermostat for Proper Operation
  • Check Drain Lines and Traps for Proper Function
  • Test and Label Emergency Shutoffs
  • Check Gas Valve
  • Check Zone Valves
  • Check Expansion Tank
  • Check Aquastat, Relay and Water Regulator
  • Check Air low Across Coil and Blower Wheels
  • Check Ductwork for Leaks
  • Start and Test Operation and Cycle of Unit
  • Check Air Flow
  • Check Humidifier/Dehumidifier

Annual checkups can prevent over 70% of all furnace repairs as well as improve your system’s efficiency by up to 16% – Saving you money! 

A/C High-Performance Checkup

Heating High-Performance Checkup

Electrical High-Performance Checkup

Plumbing High-Performance Checkup

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