Energy Auditing for Homeowners in Hockessin, Delaware

Are you tired of high utility bills, poor indoor air quality, and unreliable heating and cooling? It might be time to consider having an energy audit performed on your home.

Professional energy audits can identify air loss, assess the efficiency of your AC or heating systems, and offer a smart plan of action that will put your home on the path to greater efficiency.

Liam Services provides energy auditing services in Hockessin, Delaware, and nearby communities. Our trusted heating and ac repair professionals are committed to helping our neighbors throughout Delaware find safe and energy efficient solutions to their toughest indoor comfort problems. When you work with us, expect honest opinions and peace of mind for years to come.

Call now to schedule professional energy audits for your home in Hockessin, Delaware. Serving surrounding areas in New Castle and Kent Counties.

Why Work With Our Hockessin, Delaware, Energy Auditors?

With almost half of your utility bill going towards heating and cooling, it’s important to know where your home is most inefficient when it comes to keeping your household comfortable. This is where an energy audit will benefit you: it’s used to analyze your daily energy use and reveal problems with your heating system that need to be addressed.

Energy audits can help you enjoy…

  • Reliable and consistent indoor temperatures

  • Improved comfort

  • Lower heating and cooling costs

  • Long-term savings on your energy bill

Book an energy audit today to start reaping the benefits of greater indoor comfort and energy savings. Our Hockessin, Delaware, energy auditors are happy to discuss your needs and offer personalized recommendations.

The Energy Auditing Process and What to Expect

It’s a good idea to prepare for the audit by noting reoccurring issues (hot/cold spots, condensation on windows, etc.), gathering your energy bills from the past year, and making a note of your usual thermostat setting—all of this can help your energy auditor in making the most accurate recommendations.

During the actual auditing process, we will perform a series of inspections that include insulation checks and blower door tests. Our auditor will walk around your property to identify areas that are contributing to air leaks. You are encouraged to accompany us during the audit to provide additional information or to ask any questions.

Once we have completed our assessment, you will be given a report of our findings. Our experts will also present you with a custom plan that includes the different ways you can start saving more energy. We may recommend insulating your ductwork or air sealing, replacing older AC systems or furnaces, and using a programmable thermostat to help with more efficient heating and cooling.

Contact us today to book your appointment for energy auditing in Hockessin, Delaware.



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